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“People like me and you are not really supposed to be aware” of container ships like the one that was stuck in the Suez Canal, said Amanda Mull at The Atlantic. They are part of the “high-stakes logistical ballet” ferrying pretty much “everything you’ve ever bought from Amazon or Best Buy or Target or Walmart.” This process is largely invisible when “the industry is working as designed.” But last week, it was thrown into chaos when the Ever Given, a container ship “longer than the Empire State Building is tall,” became lodged sideways in the crucial waterway connecting the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, blocking more than 400 other vessels. It took nearly a week to free it. In that time, the “stupendous girth” of the Ever Given became “a singular visual metaphor” for the “frailty of the global system on which corporations have built our physical world.”

“The largest container vessels have quadrupled in size during the past 25 years,” said Harry Dempsey at the Financial Times. The Ever Given weighs 220,000 tons empty and carries up to 20,000 20-foot containers, enough …read more

Source:: The Week – World


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