Gia Giudice Beside Joe Giudice in the Bahamas

This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was hard for the Giudice family.

Teresa was confronted, and the girls watched their uncle blame their father for everything that’s gone wrong.

In real life, however, Teresa, her daughters, and her boyfriend Luis Ruelas traveled to meet up with Joe.

In the Bahamas, Joe and Luis met for the first time and they all shared a large family dinner.

If you follow the Giudices on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen at least part of this.

Teresa, Joe, and their four daughters (who are so grown up, even Audriana) at dinner.

At the head of the table is Teresa, seated beside her boyfriend, Luis.

Obviously, Joe could not come visit them in New Jersey.

(Deportation is a horror that ruins lives and breaks families apart)

But they all met up in the Bahamas for a heartwarming family dinner.

Luis also brought his son, as you can see in a couple of these GIFs.

Gia was seated between her parents in each photo.

And, given that she sees him less, seated directly next to her father.

Joe’s initial comment was simply a caption reading “great night out.”

However, as you will see shortly, Joe also posted a lengthier …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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