Grand Prix Sunday at the 2013 Hampton Classic

One of the reasons why I’m always happy for Sofia Vergara these days is because she got far away from her psycho ex, Nick Loeb, and has found complete happiness with Joe Manganiello, who seems to adore her and respect her. Sofia never seemed happy with Loeb. Now we know why – because he’s a total douche who is constantly trying to manipulate her and harass her. He’s been harassing her through the legal system since they split in 2014. That’s right, more than six years have passed since they broke up, and he’s still trying to “get custody” of some embryos they made when they were together. I periodically check in on this story whenever there’s some new court case or ruling, and that’s what’s happening here – Loeb had been pursuing this sh-t in Louisiana courts because he thinks that state’s court system will be more sympathetic to his bullsh-t. Louisiana said “nah.” And so he went back to court in Los Angeles. And that court has just shut him down too.

A Los Angeles court has rejected Nick Loeb’s final objections regarding the ongoing court battle with Sofia Vergara …read more

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