People Magazine is doing that thing they do every year with their Most Beautiful issue where they get celebrity women to go without makeup. Women are beautiful with and without makeup, but when People does this it seems gimmicky. We can wear makeup if we want, and go without if we want. It just bothers me when it veers into sanctimonious territory like there’s a superior position on it. One person who is not haughty at all about going without makeup is Kathryn Hahn. People posted a brief interview with her where she laughed her ass off about being told she was “brave” for being out in public with messy hair and without makeup. She also said that she’s really into skincare, which is what I wanted to talk about! I’ve embedded the interview below and here are some quotes.

I [had] lunch with a friend and someone came up to us and the woman [said] “I love your work so much and I think it’s so awesome that you go out of the house looking like that.” My hair was a disaster, I had my workout clothes on. I am who I am.

I rarely wear makeup in my …read more

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