The Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) can monitor your sleep.


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As I’m lying in bed, I hear a voice telling me to relax and breathe normally. The calibration should only take a minute.

That may sound like something out of a science fiction story, but I’m actually describing the setup process for Google’s new $99.99 Nest Hub. Unlike Google’s previous smart home displays, the Nest Hub’s distinguishing attribute is its ability to monitor your sleep. 

Of course, the Nest Hub does many of the other things you’d expect from a smart home display, but its efforts to improve your sleep set it apart from rivals.

It seems like a natural evolution for devices like this, which unlike the smartphones we carry in our pockets are meant to assist us at home rather than on-the-go. That’s especially true as tech giants are becoming fixated on health and the smart home.

Overall, the Google Nest Hub is a nice addition to your nightstand. But Google’s decision to start charging for sleep tracking in 2022 and the device’s sometimes sluggish performance limit its appeal. And while the Nest Hub’s sleep tracking is impressive, it can’t match a device …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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