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Summary List Placement

Here’s what you need to know:

Trump and his advisors think he still faces major legal problems
DOJ probing Rep. Matt Gaetz over allegations he paid women for sex
A supervisor said Derek Chauvin should have stopped restraining George Floyd

1. THEY MAY STILL SEE HIM IN COURT: Former President Donald Trump doesn’t think he’s out of the woods yet. His advisors tell him that’s he’s unlikely to face legal repercussions over the deadly Capitol Riot, but they are increasingly worried about prosecutors in New York and Georgia.

Insider dove into Trump’s legal exposure: Top advisors see the two separate probes as “politicized,” but they also see the investigations escalating. As the only twice impeached president, Trump increasingly runs the risk of becoming the only sitting or former president to be indicted.

One major concern is the Clarence Darrows of the world aren’t on speed dial: “It’s a reality that the traditional rock-star lawyers you would see in a high-stakes matter involving a president or former president …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Politics


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