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Before NFTs were netting $69 million at Christie’s, The Fabricant was auctioning off a unique NFT at the 2019 Ethereum conference.

The sale of the Iridescence Dress, a digital-only piece of couture, approached $10,000 — a pretty penny for what was then a burgeoning market. 

Not all digital-fashion items are NFTs, explains Michaela Larosse, head of communications at The Fabricant, a digital fashion house. But they do have something in common with non-fungible tokens: they only exist in the digital space. 

The Iridescence Dress was a collaboration between The Fabricant and CryptoKitties, an early adopter of the NFT boom. CryptoKitties approached the digital fashion house about designing a dress that would be available on the blockchain. 

Larosse notes that the selling price of $9,500, “in terms of today’s NFT sales doesn’t seem like anything, but then it was extraordinary.” Forbes called it the “world’s first digital-only blockchain clothing.” 

The digital-fashion space has only grown since that auction in 2019. Not every digital fashion house sells NFTs — many digital designers have garments that you can buy online and get fitted to your photos. One such brand is Tribute, which sells streetwear-esque clothes that only exist online. 

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