The Duke Of Sussex Attends The Opening Match Of The ICC Cricket World Cup

Since this time last year, there’s been a conversation in the British papers about the immigration status of Prince Harry in America. Last year, the British media was almost gleeful at the idea that Donald Trump could – in their mind – personally kick Harry out of the country and that Harry would have to crawl back to Britain and apologize for the crime of marrying a Black American woman. As we’ve crossed the one-year mark of Harry & Meghan’s big move to California, I suppose it is still interesting to think about what’s actually going on with Harry’s status. Did he apply for a green card? Did he come to this country on a visa? According to the Daily Mail (an outlet which knows f–k all), Harry is in America under a work visa for people of “extraordinary ability.”

Prince Harry could be working in the US on a visa designed for people with ‘extraordinary ability’, experts said yesterday. Canadian singer Justin Bieber and Australian actor Hugh Jackman have used the O-1 visa which lasts up to three years. The Duke of Sussex, 36, now has two jobs and TV and radio projects …read more

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