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In September, H&R Block, one of the largest tax-prep firms in the US, will become a hybrid workplace. Corporate staff will be expected to come into the office Tuesday through Thursday. On Monday and Friday, they can work wherever they’d like.

CEO and president Jeff Jones, who joined the company three years ago, told Insider this was “one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make.” H&R Block management is most worried about the dilution of their strong company culture when employees are in the office just three days a week — a concern that other employers share.

The hybrid workplace is something of a new trend. Many knowledge workers haven’t been to their offices since March 2020. Now, as more people get vaccinated and an end to the pandemic appears to be in sight, businesses are thinking about how best to reopen their offices. Employers including Google, Ford, Target, and Zillow have announced different iterations of the hybrid work model.

Here’s how H&R Block is navigating the process.

A hybrid work model can help companies attract and retain talent

Most employees would prefer some flexibility around when and where they work. Workplace technology firm

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