The COVID-19 vaccine passport debate kicked up again on Twitter this week after former Libertarian Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan posted a now-viral tweet opposing the idea. “No vaccine passport,” Amash wrote. “It doesn’t get much more dystopian than being required to show your ‘health papers’ wherever you go.”

We’ve had this conversation before. I wrote about it almost exactly a year ago, when COVID-19 vaccines were still a distant hope and the proposal at hand was immunity passports for those who’d had the disease, built antibodies, and recovered. Though I absolutely feel the appeal of a passport system — I’m all for vaccinations and eager to to get back to normal life — I have the same objections now as then, which I’ll revisit in a moment. But the more interesting question, perhaps, is why the passport idea has resurfaced now. I think it’s because we need a pandemic endgame scenario, and we don’t have one. Passports offer an endgame, true, but it’s not the endgame we need. They’re a bad hack of normalcy with a real risk of unintended, detrimental consequences.

The introduction of vaccines (instead of antibody testing-determined immunity) defeats one of …read more

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