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As much flak as Meghan Markle gets for exposing the Royal Family, she has never been the aggressor.

It seems like a favored pastime for British tabloids to take cheap, unsubstantiated shots at the Duchess.

But infamous tabloids aren’t the only ones across the pond making Meghan’s life miserable.

Reportedly, she was recently betrayed by someone whom she thought was a friend. 

The most awkward experience in the world is sending a message to the wrong person.

It’s almost impossible to do in person, but frighteningly easy to do over text, DMs, or email.

The worst thing is that the person who’s on your mind (because you’re talking about them) can even be the recipient.

According to The Daily Mail, that mortifying experience is exactly what happened to a so-called “friend” of Meghan’s.

This person, an unnamed Brit, kept a correspondence with the Duchess via WhatsApp (a messaging app popular in Europe).

And apparently this two-faced individual decided to mock Meghan behind her back for the silliest of reasons.

“One of Meghan’s British friends fell out with her,” the inside source alleges.

The fallout occurred “because Meghan was writing all these messages with loads of emojis.”

That’s how messages work. They feature letters, …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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