Jeremy Vuolo and Famous Wife

There was a time when it seemed that Jinger Duggar had the healthiest marriage of all her siblings.

She and Jeremy Vuolo didn’t seem to concern themselves with the opinions of Jim Bob or Duggar-obsessed social media commenters.

More importantly, they actually seemed to enjoy one another’s company, and their marriage is one of the few within the family that was clearly not arranged by Jim Bob.

But no marriage is perfect, and Jinger and Jeremy have encountered their fair share of ups and downs.

Unfortunately for them, when a couple stars on a reality show and hosts a podcast about relationship problems, it’s quite difficult to conceal those problems.

Jinger and Jeremy’s podcast, The Hope We Hold, was supposed to be a venue through which the couple could offer help and insights for the benefit of other evangelical marrieds.

“Listen in as we explore how to find new hope, discuss life matters, and share practical and personal encouragement,” reads the write-up on the show’s download page.

“Hosted by Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, we hope you’ll be uplifted, challenged, inspired, and equipped each week as we engage real-life issues from a biblical perspective.”

Unfortunately, problems within Jinger and Jeremy’s marriage have led the couple to “take …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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