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We fear change and then attach the guilt of what we could lose to it, further making it harder to welcome with open arms. 

When my first book came out and instantly hit the New York Times bestseller list, my life changed immediately. I went from being a girl who blogs to being an author in an elite club. I was already traveling a lot, but my inquiries tripled and my fees doubled. I basically lived on planes, in between speaking engagements.

What that meant was I stopped being able to write three times a week like I had been doing. As the side-eye sorceress of pop culture happenings, reacting to what was happening in the world with my commentary was what had built my career, and suddenly I didn’t have time for it. Why? Because I barely knew what city I was in at any moment from the rapid pace I was on. And I carried a lot of guilt about it. As my audience asked, “Ooo I wonder what Luvvie will say about this,” on news that was happening, I’d be running (late) to catch another flight, and I’d feel these pangs of fault, not being able to …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Strategy


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