The Duke of Cambridge hosts an outdoor screening of the Heads Up FA Cup final on the Sandringham Estate. William watches with Tony Adams as Chelsea score.   1.8.2020

To be perfectly clear, I don’t care for Prince William for many reasons and none of them involve the state of his mostly-bald dome. William is lazy, a bully, a cheater, a liar and an a–hole. For all of those reasons, I like to make fun of him and make some jokes about his looks. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being bald. Bald is beautiful, bald can be incredibly sexy. When a bald man happens to own it and has a lot of confidence, and he’s a good guy or an interesting guy, the state of his hair really doesn’t matter. The reason why William is so ugly is because of his personality. Mostly. But I do have to say, William’s looks have fallen off a cliff in his 30s, and it’s barely about his dome. He easily looks a decade older than his 38 years because there’s something deeply rotten inside of him. So what in the world is this mess?

Prince William has been named as the world’s sexiest bald man. The 38-year-old Duke has been described as “sexy” a whopping 17.6million times online in blogs, reports and pages …read more

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