Biden Signs an Executive Order Enabling all Qualified Americans to Serve their Country in Uniform

It should not be discounted or forgotten that 80 million Americans – probably more than that – are still processing the trauma inflicted upon us by Donald Trump. We’re past one full month of the Biden presidency, and many of us are still getting used to it. We’re getting used to NOT flinching whenever we watch a White House press conference or off-the-cuff remarks from the president. We’re getting used to having a president who is normal, who does normal things, who actually spends his days working and taking meetings as opposed to a guy sitting around, watching Fox News all morning and guzzling cheeseburgers and Diet Coke. CNN has a piece about how easily Joe Biden transitioned into the presidency, and how he’s not enamored with all of the trappings. He just put his head down and got to work.

Biden’s first flight on Air Force One as POTUS: When President Joe Biden flew aboard Air Force One for the first time this month, he did not spend much time soaking in the moment. Like a weary passenger on a commuter shuttle, he spent most of the flight reading the newspaper. “It’s a …read more

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