Rachael Kirkconnell and The Bachelor

Well, it looks like the most turbulent season in Bachelor history has experienced yet another twist.

As we reported in previous spoilers, Rachael Kirkconnell received Matt James’ final rose in the finale that was filmed back in November.

However, in the months that followed, the relationship encountered one obstacle after another.

Most of the difficulties centered around the race scandals that have overshadowed the latter half of James’ season.

The trouble began when a former high school classmate accused Kirkconnell of bullying her because she dated black men.

It was later revealed that Rachael attended a plantation-themed party in 2018, while she was still in college.

Regardless of whether it’s the stated intent of the guests and hosts, such parties are celebrations of a time when millions of Black Americans were enslaved and victimized by a barbaric system in which they were treated as property.

Just as citizens of Germany must acknowledge and mourn the atrocities committed during Hitler’s reign, so too must Americans grieve for the original sin of slavery that forever shaped the fate of this nation.

In other words, it’s not an era that should be celebrated.

Rachael eventually apologized for attending the party, but critics felt that her statement was …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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