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Miso Robotics made headlines nearly three years ago when it debuted a burger-flipping robot, Flippy, at a fast-food restaurant in Southern California. Flippy was billed as the world’s first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant — one that would work alongside, not replace, restaurant workers. 

Flippy became an instant celebrity, often drawing large crowds at CaliBurger in Pasadena, California, the fast-food chain piloting the robot.

“We did have people come into the shop every single day to come see the robot. There was a little bit of a cult following,” Buck Jordan, president and co-founder of Miso Robotics, told Insider.

A few months later Flippy, whose kitchen skills were expanding, landed a new gig as a fry cook at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. 

At the time, fast-food operators told the startup that Flippy might help them solve multiple challenges: rising minimum wage, delivery boom, high operational costs, and labor shortages.

Yet, it was hard to get any serious takers for Flippy. 

But as the pandemic turned into a months-long crisis, Jordan said interest in Flippy skyrocketed. 

“Automation interest exploded with the pandemic,” Jordan said.

One key problem Flippy can resolve in a health crisis is keeping employees socially distanced inside cramped kitchens. 

“These tiny commercial kitchens are …read more

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