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The US Supreme Court has rejected Donald Trump’s attempts to keep his tax returns secret from the Manhattan District Attorney, intensifying the possibility that the former president will be subject to criminal prosecution.

The Supreme Court rejected Trump’s plea Monday after stalling a decision for nearly four months. None of the justices provided any comment in issuing the decision.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. has gone to great lengths to investigate Trump’s finances, going twice to the Supreme Court to ensure his office could review his returns and present them to a grand jury. The investigation reportedly seeks to determine whether Trump and the Trump Organization kept two sets of books for finances — one for seeking favorable loan terms, and another to pay low tax rates.

In July 2020, the Supreme Court ruled that Vance could seek Trump’s tax returns, but allowed room for Trump to make objections to the particulars of Vance’s subpoena. The Supreme Court has now dismissed the newer procedural arguments Trump’s attorneys have raised.

The Vance investigation into Trump’s finances has intensified since the former president left office. In recent weeks, Vance has subpoenaed New York City’s property tax agency and hired …read more

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