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US officials are calling on the state of Texas to pay residents’ hefty utility bills, following winter-storm power outages that left millions without electricity or clean water.

When freezing weather hit Texas on Monday, February 15, energy sources including natural-gas plants went offline and demand for electricity soared as people tried to stay warm. This caused a huge shortfall in energy, and the wholesale price of electricity surged 10,000%.

Some Texans were billed $5,000 for less than a week of electricity during the blackout. One Texas veteran living in Dallas told The New York Times he’d received a $16,000 electricity bill. 

In an interview with CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Houston mayor Sylvester Turner said that Texans “getting these exorbitant electricity bills … should not have to bear the responsibility” of paying them.

“Those exorbitant costs should be borne by the state of Texas and not the individual consumers who did not cause this catastrophe this week,” he said.

Texans with fixed-rate plans won’t be hit by the soaring electricity prices. But residents whose plans are tied to the wholesale market rate are seeing five-figure bills.

Turner said the Texas grid wasn’t primarily designed for winter …read more

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