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Tara Reid has a longer interview with Entertainment Tonight. She’s promoting a movie that she stars in and executive produces called Masha’s Mushroom. It’s a thriller and co-stars Vivica A. Fox, Beverly D’Angelo and Billy Zane. I went into this thinking that Tara sounds spaced out and like she’s “maintaining,” as Kaiser calls it. That’s when someone is just partially in the bag and is trying to act sober. Tara is a mumbler and it took me a minute to get used to that. However that just might be how she sounds and it could be due to her veneers.

Tara made some good points about how mean the press was to her in the early 2000s. Plus she was really classy and nice about everything, particularly about the incident in 2016 when Jenny McCarthy was mean to her on her show. Tara doesn’t have a DUI or any other arrests and the way she explained it she just liked to have fun. Given how we’re looking at Britney with new eyes, it may be time to re-evaluate Tara. Here’s some of what …read more

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