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Microsoft President Brad Smith said that he hopes the US and Europe take a similar approach to Australia’s move to require tech companies to pay news publishers.

Facebook last week banned users in Australia from sharing, interacting or viewing links to news articles after the country passed a law requiring companies like Facebook and Google to pay news publishers for content that is shared on their platforms. Google also initially protested the law but eventually made deals top pay news publishers like News Corp. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Saturday that Facebook was back to negotiating with Australia.

Smith has been vocal about supporting the Australian government and critical of Facebook and Google’s handling of the stand-off. He said he wants the US to make similar moves to Australia’s.

“I’m hopeful that the Biden administration will support and embrace this kind of policy to redress the imbalance between something like a search service by Google and the position of the news publishers,” he told Insider’s Nicholas Carlson on Thursday.

“There’s some important legislation in Congress that will enable publishers to join together and bargain collectively and give them anti-trust immunity to do so,” he said. “That’s …read more

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