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There are a lot of reasons not to like Facebook. There are privacy concerns, its history of leaking users’ data, or the fact that its algorithm has played a huge role in spreading misinformation and divisive content in the US. 

If you live in Australia, there’s another reason: Facebook surprised everyone last Wednesday when it blocked all sharing of links to news websites in the country. That includes publishers sharing links to their own sites or users sharing links to those sites — even outside of Australia.

Why it did this is relatively simple: Australia is on the cusp of passing a law that will require Facebook and Google to pay news publishers for the links to their content shared across their platforms. That law is, as Casey Newton put it in his newsletter, Platformer, a complete “shakedown.”

While Facebook’s wrong about a lot of things, it isn’t wrong about this. Facebook’s move was the logical response to what could only generously be described as the worst attempt by a government to pander to an influential constituency at the expense of an unpopular target. 

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