DENVER (AP) — The results of an investigation into the fatal arrest of Elijah McClain in suburban Denver released Monday criticizes how police handled the entire incident, faulting officers for their quick, aggressive treatment of the 23-year-old Black man and the department overall for having a weak accountability system that failed to press for the truth about what happened.

The findings of the investigation commissioned by the city of Aurora released on Monday found “two contrasting stories” of what happened to McClain in August 2019 after someone reported him as suspicious. One, based on officers’ statements to investigators, where police describe a violent, relentless struggle. And another based on body camera footage in which McClain can be heard crying out in pain, apologizing, explaining himself, and pleading with the officers as they restrained him and applied “pain compliance” techniques like wrist locks and sat or kneeled on him.

“Forgive me … you all are phenomenal, you are beautiful,” McClain said at one point, the report said.

Police also also put McClain in a neckhold that stops the flood of blood to the brain, rendering him temporarily unconscious, and paramedics injected him with ketamine as a sedative. He suffered cardiac arrest and later was …read more



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