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The COVID-19 pandemic’s deleterious impact on the 2020 Census is continuing to bleed over into 2021, and may narrow the chances for Democrats to hang onto their slim House majority. 

The tumultuous run-up to the 2020 election sent states scrambling to adjust their candidate filing deadlines, delay primaries, and pass last-minute legislation to adjust their election policies to the pandemic. 

The 2022 midterms are shaping up to hold more of the same chaos, not directly because of COVID, but because of delays in the release of US Census data needed to draw new congressional and legislative districts. 

The delays could be particularly problematic for Democrats, who hold a narrow 10-seat majority in the US House and are already facing an uphill battle with Republicans holding the advantage in the redistricting process and the historic precedent of the president’s political party losing seats in midterm elections, as Republicans did in 2018. 

After the pandemic caused the Census Bureau to extend its timeline to conduct the count and restructure its procedures, extreme weather events like wildfires on the West Coast and hurricanes on the East, and months of civil unrest compounded the difficulties in completing on-the-ground Census …read more

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