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The UK government is expected to institute a travel ban on direct flights from most of South America due to a concerning new coronavirus variant from Brazil, The Times of London reported Thursday.

The variant is causing concerns over questions of whether it may be resistant to vaccines. It is typical for viruses to mutate, and variants are not necessarily more harmful.

The issue of the Brazilian variant will be discussed at the UK government’s COVID-19 operations committee meeting on Thursday, according to The Times and Sky News.

The Times said a ban on all flights from Brazil and neighboring countries Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, and Colombia, could be announced as soon as Friday.

According to Sky News and The Telegraph, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told MPs on Wednesday that the government was “concerned” over the new variant, adding: “We are taking steps to ensure that we do not see the import of this new variant from Brazil.”

The Brazilian government instituted its own travel ban on the UK over Christmas, citing another coronavirus variant from the UK that has proven to be more infectious. Experts have said that COVID-19 vaccines should work …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Politics


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