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The US Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday threatened to cut campaign donations to lawmakers, following what he described as “inexcusable” actions before, during, and after the Capital riots by President Donald Trump.

“The President’s conduct last week was absolutely unacceptable and completely inexcusable. By his words and actions, he has undermined our democratic institutions and ideals,” said Thomas Donohue, chief executive of the chamber, in a statement issued Tuesday. 

In prepared remarks and at a press conference, Donohue, leader of one of the nation’s most influential lobbying organizations, said his group would re-evaluate support for some politicians after last week’s Capitol riots. 

Lobbyist Neil Bradley, the chamber’s chief policy officer, said some in Congress had “forfeited” support from the chamber by supporting the mob in Washington, according to Reuters. He didn’t single out specific politicians. 

After attendees at a pro-Trump rally stormed the Capitol last Wednesday, support has shrunk for some lawmakers who supported Trump’s effort to overturn the presidential election. Senators Josh Hawley and Roger Marshall, for example, were asked Tuesday to return donations from Hallmark. Other organizations, including the American Bankers Association, have said they would rethink their support for some Republicans. 

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Source:: Businessinsider – Politics


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