Karine and Paul Staehle

Karine Martins has been flaunting her baby bump on Instagram for months.

She and Paul Staehle are in Brazil, working on their marriage … and working on making more money.

They have now announced that they are joining OnlyFans to bring custom content to subscribers.

How explicit are they going to be? And how is this going to work with Karine being so very, very pregnant?

Just days ago, Paul was asking his own followers if he should be chill about Karine doing solo Cameos for fans.

Cameo is an app where famous people make short, made-to-order recordings for fans at a set price. There’s rarely if ever anything salacious about it.

It seems that Paul has changed his tune from being hesitant about solo Cameos to something much, much spicier … even though Karine is very pregnant with Baby #2.

“I will soon be launching our OnlyFans account,” Paul announced on his Instagram Stories.

“My account will have exclusive content of our life,” he revealed.

“And,” Paul assured his followers, “will be for the most part family friendly.”

“Primarily exclusive updates and some comedy content,” Paul wrote.

He suggested: “We might also add Karine’s cosmetology journey to it.”

Paul clearly has some of his …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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