Congress Meets to Certify Electoral College Vote at the U.S. Capitol

Last night, the House voted to compel Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment. The vote went ahead even though Pence sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi ahead of the vote, wherein he wrote that he did not feel it was within his constitutional authority to invoke the 25th with only eight days left in Trump’s term. He called the House’s vote “political games” and claimed that invoking the 25th at this moment would “set a terrible precedent.” You can see the full letter from Pence to Speaker Pelosi here. Still, the House still voted and it passed and today the House will vote on impeachment. All of which leads me to this remarkable article in the NY Times about Pence’s relationship with Trump, which included some really astounding moments:

Trump called Pence a p-ssy ahead of the election ratification: Mr. Trump was enraged that Mr. Pence was refusing to try to overturn the election. In a series of meetings, the president had pressed relentlessly, alternately cajoling and browbeating him. Finally, just before Mr. Pence headed to the Capitol to oversee the electoral vote count last Wednesday, Mr. Trump called the vice president’s residence …read more

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