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Modern electronics are bristling with cameras, Bluetooth, and other less common sensors. LiDAR is one such sensor that’s found its way into Apple’s iPhone 12, as well as many robot vacuums and most self-driving cars.

LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging and is like RADAR but substitutes laser light in place of radio waves. And it’s an increasingly important sensor in consumer electronics. 

What LiDAR is and how it works

You might be aware that RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging) transmits radio waves and measures the time it takes to get a return signal, which provides information about how far away objects are.

LiDAR works much the same way, measuring the “Time of Flight” (ToF) of a laser beam to get information about objects the laser bounces off of. 

LiDAR has a big advantage over RADAR, though. Because light has a much shorter wavelength than radio waves, it’s more accurate and can paint a more detailed picture of the target. That means LiDAR doesn’t just measure the distance to something; it can infer a lot of information about the object’s shape, too.

That’s not all; with repeated pings, it’s possible to determine not just its …read more

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