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If you and your close contacts use Google Maps, you might want to use the app’s location sharing feature.

Using this optional tool, friends, co-workers and family can share their location with each other and see their locations on the map in real-time.

That makes it easy to track someone on Google Maps, with a caveat: the person you want to track must opt into sharing their location, so it’s (thankfully) not possible to track anyone without their knowledge or consent. 

How to track someone on Google Maps

1. Start Google Maps on your iPhone or Android. 

2. Tap your account avatar at the top right of the screen. In the pop-up menu, tap “Location sharing.”

3. You’ll see a list of everyone who is currently sharing their location with you at the bottom of the screen. To see someone’s precise location, tap the entry and the map will zoom into their position. 

If you want to track someone using Google Maps in a web browser on a computer, the process is essentially the same. Open Google Maps in a browser and then click the three horizontal lines at the top left of the web page (the “hamburger menu”). Then click “Location sharing” to see your contacts …read more

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