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I’ve come at Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis’s split from a perspective of “neither of them are my faves, so it’s fun to watch the mess.” Like, I think Olivia is an a–hole and I’ve never paid close enough attention to Jason to really figure out if he is too. But lordy, you guys have some strong opinions about these two and I just don’t get it. Is it because they’re so bland, people can project all of this bullsh-t onto them?

For a brief recap, Olivia and Jason officially split in mid-November. By the first week in January, Olivia was already pap-strolling with her new coworker boyfriend Harry Styles. Olivia had, at that point, already established a narrative about her split which was that she and Jason were having problems for a while and the split was amicable, even though he was super-mad of how famous, pretty, talented and in-demand she is. I’m not even joking. Then Jason pushed back after the Styles photos, with his side saying that she’s a cheater and she checked out of the marriage as soon as she met Harry. Now that Team Sudeikis has …read more

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