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Democrats are conflicted about President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

They’re terrified for their own safety and for the incoming new leaders of the administration. They’re also still steaming over the brazen Capitol attack that left five people dead and could have been so catastrophically worse.

Contrast that with their aspirations for what January 20th is supposed to signify both in the United States and around the entire planet: Biden’s first big foray into showing the world things can be “normal” again. 

Instead he’ll take the reigns of a country that’s divided, terrified, and sick.  

Democrats also have no other choice than to put their faith in President Donald Trump’s administration for the holding of a secure event. After all, it’s the Republican’s federal agencies that are overseeing inauguration security. They’re the ones being looked to to come through in their final days to protect Biden and the members of Congress who will actually show up to the scaled-down event. 

Making matters even more complicated is the fact Trump has also said he will not attend Biden’s inauguration. Twitter last week warned that the lame duck Republican’s absence could be interpreted by some supporters of the president as a sign it’s “safe” to cause …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Politics


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