Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Shelter in Place Together

On September 19 of 2020, Ashley Martson broke up with Jay Smith for the fourth time.

Fans hope that this divorce attempt will be successful, and that the exes will never have to break up again.

Ashley is showing 90 Day Fiance fans that, this time, she’s serious about making Jay nothing but a bad memory.

She is removing her tattoo of him … and giving fans a look at the process.

Though they spent many months of it apart as Ashley begged Jay to sign divorce papers and he refused, their marriage lasted over three years.

Jay’s real name is Conroy St. Christopher Smith, and his passion in life is tattoo artistry.

As such, Ashley had a finger tattoo in tribute to Jay … a permanent mark on her skin that she has obviously come to regret.

Just days ago, Ashley shared this image to her Instagram Stories to update fans on her divorce journey.

You can see the “C Smith” tattoo at the beginning of this image.

After, you can see how much of it is already gone.

Ashley and Jay’s romance started pretty normally.

Ashley just happened to be in Jamaica at the time when she saw a tall, handsome man dancing at …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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