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Craigslist might have brought classified ads to the internet, but Facebook Marketplace has perfected the art of peer-to-peer selling. 

Thanks to the social media platform’s existing user base of about 2 billion, a spokesperson for the company told Business Insider that, “hundreds of millions” of people use Marketplace monthly, compared to around 59 million at Craiglist. 

Selling on Facebook alleviates some of the trust issues users might have on competing platforms, because the vendor and buyer to see each other’s profiles. And, while the antiquated Craigslist interface is iconic, frequent sellers have increasingly gravitated toward Marketplace because of its streamlined design.

For these reasons, a crop of professional sellers has arisen on Facebook Marketplace in recent years. Some of these entrepreneurs use the site like a virtual storefront, making sales and interacting with customers, without having to worry about maintaining and promoting a separate website.

Brittany and Heather Dyer, the couple behind the farmhouse furniture business Beautiful Fight Woodworking, have been selling furniture full-time since 2017. This year, the Missouri-based business has generated more than $168,000 through the platform, according to documents reviewed by Business Insider, and sold more than 900 items. Combined with the transactions processed through their …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Strategy


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