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When former White House press secretary Jake Siewert recently spoke before a Columbia University class, the hosting professor described his resume in reverse chronological order.

Siewert served in the Treasury Department under President Barack Obama. He worked for aluminum giant Alcoa Corporation. And before that, he worked as a White House press secretary under President Bill Clinton. 

“Literally the entire class laughed,” Siewert told Insider. “I think the first challenge is to make the job respectable enough again that when you introduce yourself as the former White House press secretary, it’s not a punchline.” 

After four years of President Donald Trump’s attacks on the media — and an extra year of name-calling during his 2016 campaign rallies — White House briefing room veterans say they are hopeful for a monumental reset when President-elect Joe Biden’s new press team sweeps in.

“How about not calling us scum, the worst people on the planet? That’s what journalists want,” said Judith Miller, a former New York Times Pulitzer-Prize winning reporter and author who is now a Fox News contributor. 

Biden’s transition team hasn’t said yet who be the new White House press secretary, but there are plenty of rumblings that senior advisors Symone Sanders or Karine …read more

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