Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

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After a turbulent few years, Microsoft’s Xbox division is back in the good graces of gamers everywhere. 

With the launch of the brand-new Xbox Series X and Series S consoles in mid-November, Microsoft officially kicked off the most recent game console generation with two killer boxes. While the Xbox One was routinely old-sold by Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft seems well-positioned with these new consoles to take on the PlayStation 5, which was also released this month.

And that turnaround is due to a years-long effort from a dedicated group at the company who not only remember the golden years of the Xbox 360, but who also see the future of cloud gaming and Xbox as an ecosystem unto itself.

These leaders are also responsible for making gaming a bigger priority for Microsoft overall. The gaming business has become so important to the company CEO Satya Nadella made gaming boss Phil Spencer one of his direct reports in September 2017. Spencer regularly speaks at company all-hands meetings, presenting the company’s vision for services like Xbox Game Pass.

Business appears to be booming amid the pandemic. Microsoft doesn’t report specific revenue figures for Xbox, but said in its most …read more

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