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Two New York fraud investigations into President Donald Trump have expanded to include consulting fee write-offs, some of which appeared to be paid to the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, The New York Times reported.

The write-offs were uncovered by a Times investigation conducted earlier this year into the president’s long-sought-after federal income tax returns.

The findings of the investigation included $26 million in consulting fees paid to unidentified companies that were listed as write-offs by the Trump Organization, reducing the president’s taxable income. One of those payments, which reportedly paid for consulting on developments in Hawaii and Canada, was for $747,622, The Times reported.

In a separate document reviewed by The Times, Ivanka Trump listed that exact amount, $747,622, as a payment she received from a consulting firm that she co-owns. She filed the financial disclosure in 2017 when she became an adviser to the president.

The Times first reported the figures in September, adding that Ivanka Trump was an employee of the Trump Organization at the time the consulting payments were made. The Times said the findings implied she was paid as a consultant while also working for the company as an executive officer.

On Thursday, The Times reported that …read more

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