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When you are focused on moving things forward, you run into problems, failures, things that don’t work. Each one of those times you have a setback, you get back up and try again. You’re trying to invent your way out of a box. We have so many examples at Amazon where we’ve had to do this. We’ve failed so many times — I think of this as a great place to fail. We’re good at it. We’ve had so much practice.

Many years ago we decided to develop a third-party selling business to add selection to the store. We started Amazon Auctions. Nobody came. Then we opened zShops, which was fixed-price auctions. Again nobody came. Each one of these failures was like a year or a year and a half long. We finally came across this idea of putting the third-party selection on the same product-detail pages as our own retail inventory. We called this Marketplace, and it started working right away. That resourcefulness of trying new things to figure out what customers really want? It pays off and it is core to everything we do…

I treat every problem that I hear about from a customer as an opportunity …read more

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