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Tesla has sunk to second-to-last place in Consumer Reports’ ranking of automaker reliability, with its Model S no longer being recommended by the magazine due to ongoing reliability issues.

The magazine said its readers reported “ongoing problems with the air suspension; body hardware problems, specifically with the rear hatch/tailgate; the automatic climate system failing; and in-car electronics issues relating to the center screen freezing and/or needing to be replaced.”

Despite the issues, Tesla’s flagship sedan still ranks number three of 11 cars in Consumer Reports’ “ultra luxury” category. Its road test scored 97 out of 100 total points, with the reliability issues responsible for a bulk of the score drop.

Now, the only Tesla that Consumer Reports recommends is the Model 3. The automaker didn’t respond to a request for comment.

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Earlier this year, US safety officials said they were investigating touchscreen failures in up to 63,000 Model S vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said memory wear out could cause the system to boot slowly, lose cell signal, or lose all navigational function. There were no known accidents or injuries caused …read more

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