I had no idea how this pandemic would play out. I didn’t know lockdown would happen as swiftly as it did, that it would last as long as it has, and I sure as hell didn’t predict that nine months into it, we were going to start panicking again. With COVID numbers spiking and an incumbent administration that refuses to save their citizens, every sign points to statewide shutdowns. In anticipation of being asked to hole up for another few months, people are once again stocking up on what they consider essentials. Shelves are again bare of items like toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

In the spring, the coronavirus pandemic triggered a wave of panic buying that left store shelves empty. Toilet paper, bottled water and paper towels were out of stock around the country, while shortages of eggs, meat and produce sent some prices skyrocketing.

Some things, like disinfectants, are still out of stock, but food makers and retailers told NBC News investigative correspondent Vicky Nguyen that they’re prepared for increased demand as coronavirus cases continue to surge.

“We’re working directly with our manufacturers to ensure that we do have adequate supply,” said Chelsea Minor, the corporate director of public affairs …read more

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