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Transition documents months in the making are gathering dust across federal agencies, and government officials in charge tell Insider they’re growing frustrated with the wait.

Back in May, senior officials from every major government agency started regular virtual meetups to prepare for a possible presidential handover expected shortly after Election Day if Joe Biden had won. 

Career officials at the Pentagon, the Justice Department and other agencies worked for months to compile thick several-hundred-page briefing books highlighting everything a new team needs to know. They prepared details about how massive agencies are organized, phone numbers for key staff, and a rundown of which issues the incoming administration would need to deal with during its first 100 days in office.

They worked alongside White House officials and Trump appointees to meet the deadlines laid out in a federal law that spells out how transitions work. 

The problem now is the Trump administration won’t let the agency officials give their books to the Biden team. 

As the files gather dust on desks across Washington while President Donald Trump refuses to concede the election, senior career government officials who planned for a transition are worried that the delay will cause extensive damage, including to national …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Politics


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