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As if we don’t have enough to argue about these days, Gourmet Goddess Nigella Lawson took her butter knife and divided a country in two: Team Toast with a Spot of Butter and Team Butter with a Spot of Toast. What Nigella unleashed on the world the other day was her Two stage approach to buttering. Observe:

As a person who’s suffered from genetically high cholesterol her whole life, watching someone put this much butter on anything is like watching pr0n so I say yes! more, Nigella – always more. For those unable to play this short video, Nigella suggests putting a spread of butter on as soon as the toast comes out of the toaster. Anyone who’s ever forgotten to take the butter of the fridge ahead of time would agree because it’s the only way to spread it. Nigella contends it makes for a “fabulous crumpet bite.” Nigella’s toast in the video is already pre-buttered so we take her at her word. Then she proceeds to stage two, the second layer. This is where she hauls off a slab of butter the size of which I have only ever fantasized about and …read more

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