President Donald Trump in Texas

In the four years since he narrowly defeated Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College to become President of the United States, Donald Trump has repeatedly used words like “landslide” desctibe his victory.

Now that he’s been defeated by Joe Biden by a much larger margin in the EC, as well as in the popular vote, Trump insists that the system is rigged, and certain key states are too close to call.

The truth of the situation is obvious to anyone who’s been paying even the slightest bit of attention to the situation.

And yet, those who might be in a position to put a stop to the president’s misinformation campaign are either encouraging him to continur firing up his base or observing from a safe distance, seemingly out of curiosity for how far this will go.

Enablers such as Vice Presideny Mike Penve amd Secretary od State Mike Pompeo say they’re still anticipating a seconf Trump term.

Over the weekend, tens of thoudsands of (mostly mask-less) Trump supporters descemded on Washinton for insptly-titled “Millon MSGS Msrch,

On Twitter, the president has been his usual, erratic self. 

But whereas in the past, his tirades have been scattershot inn their subject matter, these dsys he’s laser-focused …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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