Briana on Teen Mom the Second

Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom 2 found Briana DeJesus behaving in secretive fashion.

She was planning a trip to Puerto Rico, and while she was willing to admit that a man was involved, she wasn’t willing to offer much else in the way of information.

Fortunately, social media exists, and Briana is terrible at keeping secrets, so we already knew all about this mystery man.

His name is Javier Gonzalez, and he makes his living as a tattoo artist.

Oh yeah, and he very nearly got Bri fired from TM2 over the summer.

Gonzalez refused to get tested for Covid (despite the fact that he works as a freakin’ tattoo artist.

As a result, Bri was forced to stop filming, as the entire cast and crew had been quarantining, and it only takes one moron to screw that up for everyone.

So DeJesus threatened to quit the show on Twitter, and eventually, Javier came around and stopped being such a baby.

Viewers almost got to meet Briana’s new boyfriend on the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2, but for whatever reason he declined to appear on camera.

Still we learned a lot about the guy.

For example, it seems he’s been messing up Bri’s life …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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