Prince Harry speaks of his and Meghan Markle's Royal baby joy

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Five days ago, Prince Harry volunteered for a good cause in Compton, California. These Instagrams are from the Walker Family Events Foundation, and the event was to pack up and distribute food to the community, especially to military families and veterans’ families. The food bank/drive was in association with the Compton Veterans and Operation Nourish.

Just to underline the point: Prince Harry is all about veterans and military support. Even if his family strips him of his royal title and ducal title and everything else, he will still choose to support the military community and veterans community. And he wants those communities to have more visibility, which is yet another reason why he, say, arranged for photos to be taken on Remembrance Day, or why he was okay with being photographed at this event. The argument of “you should do these good works without any attention” defeats the purpose of having high-profile people supporting charity: the aim is to bring visibility, and the aim is to hopefully use those big names to draw more support, more funding and …read more

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