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A PhD often brings prestige and career clout that can lead to bigger and better opportunities. 

It can also be a strong test of your resilience and aptitude. Philippe Barbe, who has a PhD in math and has served as an invited professor at Yale and Virginia Tech, said that going back to school for your doctorate “is very much like training and running a marathon, a test of your will.” 

“Once you pass it, you know how far you can go,” Barbe said.

But the degree also comes at a steep price. A 2019 infographic by Steve Tippins of Beyond PhD Coaching breaks down the myriad costs of a PhD, from tuition and fees to lost job opportunities and wages, reporting that PhD programs can set you back $30,000 a year on average.

Business Insider spoke with several business leaders and PhD holders to get their perspective on whether they’re thankful for — or regret earning — an advanced degree. Here’s what they said.

A PhD can boost your career in teaching and research and help you build transferable skills — but hold you back in certain corporate settings

In some fields, a PhD is a necessity for success. Barbe said that …read more

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