Anti-Trump protesters gather in Jupiter

I remember in 2016, when the election was called for Donald Trump, and various Democratic operatives – no one in elected office – began spinning theories about how to slow down the process of certifying the results and more. None of that happened. Democrats around the country in state and local office did their jobs and certified the vote for a fascist lunatic. Four years later, with President-Elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College tally at 306, and with a nearly 6 million-vote advantage over Trump, Biden is in a much better position than Trump was. Except that Republicans throughout the country are now acting on their worst MAGA instincts to suppress the vote after the fact, and to go all-in on Trump’s unhinged, baseless, false claims. In Michigan, sh-t came to a head last night:

At first, it seemed like a win for President Trump’s supporters: The Wayne County Board of Canvassers deadlocked Tuesday night over whether to certify the results of the presidential election in the populous Democratic county, punting the question to a state regulatory board.

In a tweet, Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis called it a “huge win” for the president, who has not conceded …read more

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