Mady Gosselin: A Selfie

As celebrity gossip followers are painfully aware, Jon and Kate Gosselin are back to bickering in public.

This never-ending feud may be semi-entertaining to some folks out there, but we can think of at least eight people who can find no silver lining to this rivalry whatsoever:

The former couple’s children.

Ever siince Jon and Kate chose to star on a TLC reality show… and then ever since they went constantly viral with their very personal insults of one another… it’s these kids that have suffered the most.

Collon Gosselin is often talked about as the most obvious example — and for good reason.

He was sent away to a special needs facility at age 13 and he accused his dad of assaulted in September.

There’s also been talk of late that Collin’s mother tied him to a chair and made him sleep in the closet and abused him as a child.

We’re talking about really horrible stuff here.

On a somewhat lesser scale, though, Mady Gosselin has been greatly affected by her parents and their totally failed relationship, too.

Simply trying to be a regular college student at Syracuse University, the 20-year old has been posting often to social media of late.

But she hasn’t always earned positive …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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