Lori Loughlin is seen out getting a car wash after being offered a plea deal

It is absolutely WILD to me that Lori Loughlin uses her prison phone privileges to call up her publicist. This is the second time in two weeks where a story has been released to one of the major gossip outlets which include quotes from a “source” who must be Lori Loughlin. She’s been trying to narrate her entirely self-made criminal ordeal this whole time, mostly through People Magazine. I just figured that once she was actually locked up, we wouldn’t get the f–king weekly updates on How Is Poor Faith-Based Lori Loughlin? After previously telling her publicist that she was a “wreck” her first few days in prison, Lori wants us to know that she hasn’t had any problems so far.

Lori Loughlin is adjusting to her life behind bars. The Full House star, 56, reported to prison on October 30 to serve a two-month sentence for her role in last year’s high-profile college admissions scandal. She is housed at FCI-Dublin in northern California. Almost three weeks into her sentence, a source who has spoken with her tells PEOPLE that she is adjusting to the daily prison routine.

“She has not had any specific problems,” the …read more

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