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Amazon made a big step forward in the online pharmacy space on Tuesday with the launch of Amazon Pharmacy, a new service that allows US customers to order prescription medications for home delivery.

But the basic framework for the business was first established over six years ago by senior leaders at the company, according to an internal document obtained by Business Insider.

The document from 2014, titled “A Pharmacy in Your Mailbox,” was written in the form of a future press release, as part of what is known as the “working backwards” process at Amazon — in which a project team works backwards from the customer’s point of view by first writing a mock press release that describes the service and the problem it’s trying to solve.

“Amazon Pharmacy’s simple but revolutionary concept is that customers should be able to shop for prescription drugs the same way that they shop for other goods,” the document said. “The shopping and delivery experience should be quick and easy, with 24×7 access to a pharmacist, and customers should be able to browse and know the price they’ll pay before they buy.”

The document gives a rare look into Amazon’s unique culture of writing …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Strategy


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